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HEATHENS is here!

The time has come, my friends!  My new solo album, HEATHENS, will be released on February 11, and the pre-order is happening NOW.  Preparations for the release took a little longer than expected, but I think all the fine-tunings and manic tinkerings paid off.  The pre-order will also feature two new t-shirt designs based off of the beautifully intricate cover art by Christine MacMillan.

HEATHENS also features performing contributions by Rich Banister (guitar/bass), Brett Kull (guitar, vocals, production), Jon Radway (tenor sax), and Joseph Callaway (vocals, guitar, textures).  While I find describing music in words to often be a somewhat futile and misleading concept, I'll give it a whirl anyway: HEATHENS is the next step from my previous album, FORMER GHOSTS, in sound and mood.  A little bit more 'rock' in spots, slightly brighter in others (but still retaining a quirky dark sense throughout), and still with a fairly wide lens stylistically-speaking.  Now that I've completely done it an injustice, I hope you will please forget everything I just said and check out the link below to give it a proper listen.

Thanks for your support!




Well, friends, the last year or so has been quite a productive one. I'm proud to announce that I will be releasing two (2) new solo albums over the next 7-8 months! As I'm working independently again (and due to my limiting schedule), I can't predict exact release dates just yet, so please understand that the following timetables are rough guesses only.

The first album, titled HEATHENS, should be out before the end of the year. It takes the mood and general mindset of Former Ghosts and bumps it up a notch in intensity and color. Somewhat similar, but also a good bit different. A little more driving – lots of texture. 11 songs, running time somewhere in the 45 minute range.

The second album, ALL STATIONS, is scheduled to come out in the spring of 2014. If HEATHENS is the moody yin, ALL STATIONS is the poppier, boppier, and perhaps even rompier yang counterpart. 12 tracks, also with a 40-45 minute running time. This album feels 'springy' to me, so the timing of its release will hopefully be a nice little cosmic convergence of goodness. Sort of my geek rock anthem album.

Though both albums were essentially written at the same time, I didn't feel the two moods were always complimentary, thus the decision to keep them separate. I think they stand stronger individually than they would have if forced to commingle as a double album.

I also have another creative project that I've started work on, completely unrelated to music whatsoever. More on that as it arises.

Hope you've had a good summer, my friends. I'm sad to see it heading to a close, but luckily there's a lot to look forward to in the coming months.  Take care.





While Polkadot cools its engines for the remainder of 2012, I've started playing with Philadelphia-area singer Meg Wilkinson, doing shows of original music as well as slimmed-down duo and trio shows of acoustic cover songs.  You can check her out here:

Still hard at work on the new El Creepo album with Todd Smith, though all signs seem to indicate we're nearing the completion point on that one.

I recently worked on a soundtrack for "The Kingdom of Shadows" (a short film created for the Project 21 filmmaking competition), directed by Kevin Corcoran.  Also had a new piece premiered for James Bedell's show "Discover Color" in NYC, featuring an extensive light design by Bedell and dance choreography by my sister, Becky.  Finally, I am about to start work on a new soundtrack for a short film directed by Kevin Resnick, who starred in a number of films I've previously scored and is now stepping behind the camera.

To close, here's present-day Dapper Scott:





My debut solo album, FORMER GHOSTS, is out now!  Check out two tracks from it over in the audio section, then visit the STORE link above to BUY BUY BUY.

Also, I've recently worked out a deal to co-conspire with the fine folks at DDrum, and I will be endorsing my new kit (dubbed The Blue Meany) on upcoming tours with Polkadot Cadaver.